Why choose us?
Why choose Your Scottish Descent?
•        Free preliminary search

We offer a free preliminary search to those people who are interested in using our services
to discover their Scottish roots.  Once we establish that an event was recorded in Scotland
we will get in touch with you to let you know that the research is viable, after this it is
entirely up to you if you would like to proceed with the full Scottish family tree research.

•        Dedicated and professional service

Here at Your Scottish Descent we offer a dedicated and professional service.  This means
that we concentrate on your research throughout the working day and not, like many
others, only at weekends or on days off.  Your research is our primary focus and this
allows us to complete our work to a higher standard and within a shorter time frame.

•        Set Prices

We have a set one-off fee for your chosen service or product.  Our one-off fee protects you
from the potential of spiralling costs incurred by hiring those who work according to an
hourly rate.  One person that we encountered recently paid over £700 for a service that
we offer at the set fee of £265!  Our unique one-off fee gives you complete peace of mind.

•        No hidden costs

We will never ask for any more money for an agreed service.  Also we will never advertise
one price whilst charging another unlike others who quote a price and then further down
the line add on unnecessary charges such as expensive shipping and handling costs and
unwarranted taxes.  With Your Scottish Descent you pay only one fee, nothing else.

•        Secure payment

Using PayPal’s secure server you can pay for your goods or services securely.  We do not
ask for nor do we desire to know your credit or debit card details and furthermore PayPal
will never reveal such details to the merchant.

•        Simple fee and payment structure

Your Scottish Descent offer a simple fee and payment structure in relation to all of our
products.  We do not attempt to bamboozle you by using complicated pricing structures
that include multiple conditions and exclusions.  Our prices are set, the service
descriptions are clear and to the point, and the payment system is easy to use and
understand.  And for those who don’t like to pay online we also accept personal cheques.

•        A fantastic and unique insight into the lives of your Scottish ancestors

Your Scottish Descent promises to provide you with something altogether more
fascinating and substantial than a simple list of names and dates.  We will provide as
much in the way of extra detail as is practically possible in the compilation of your
Scottish genealogy report leaving you with an excellent and well researched piece of
work that can be cherished by the entire family.

So what are you waiting for?  Get in touch now: info@yourscottishdescent.com
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There are plenty of reasons to choose Your Scottish Descent to research your Scottish
family history, here are just a few:


“Hey Rob, I received
the information safe
and sound. I'm very
impressed with how
well it is prepared and
organized. I'm not too
familiar with Scotland
or its history and seem
to appreciate and have
more interest in it now
since receiving the

R. Sussex,