Terms & Conditions
All research at Your Scottish Descent is carried out to a high standard and we aim to
provide customer satisfaction at all times. The following terms and conditions are
important as they are designed to protect both the customer and us.

1. Product and service information

Work shall commence upon receiving payment and only after the 7 day cooling off
period referred to in section 5 of these terms and conditions.

We base our packages on a 'two-side' system. Your mother and her family comprise one
side of your family tree and your father and his family the other side (the paternal and
the maternal lines).  This does not apply to the Discovery Package which operates along
a branch/name based system.  The scope of the research is defined in the Services page of
this website.

We aim to keep the customer informed as to the progress of their order and to respond to
any communications as soon as is reasonably and practicably possible.

The service provided to each customer can differ from order to order due to the nature of
the historical research involved. In some cases historical evidence relating to a
particular individual or event may be lost, destroyed or illegible. Each report will
include the maximum amount of information depending on the service or package
selected and the availability of information in the records. The customer can expect to
find details transcribed from certificates of birth, marriage and death as well as from
census records and, where relevant, other information sources.

We accept no responsibility for the information contained in the historical or statutory

We will not be held liable for any inaccuracies, errors or false information contained in
the data available to the researcher. The researcher will always use his or her best
judgement and report on possible inaccuracies but can not be held responsible for any
errors made as a result of the historical sources available. Such factors are entirely
outside of our control.

An additional fee will be payable on top of the package costs where a customer requires
an express service. An express service is a service that the customer might want in order
to have a family history report, photograph, etc., delivered to them before a certain
date. Prices will reflect the disruption to existing workloads and researchers working
extra time. Such extra fees will always be agreed with the customer prior to any
research being carried out.

The free preliminary search offered by Your Scottish Descent is offered entirely at our
discretion and can be withdrawn or modified at any time with or without notice.  
Customers will be informed if it will be possible to identify any of their Scottish ancestors
in the records and it is then up to the customer to decide if they wish to proceed to the
paid research.

Where a customer has purchased a forwards search, that is the type of search whereby
we try to identify potential living relatives in Scotland working forwards from a point in
time and not backwards, we will search the statutory records to identify such people and
if any are found only the most basic information will be provided to the customer to
protect individual privacy.  If we are able to establish communication with such people
we will ask them for their permission to provide the customer with basic contact details.

Your Scottish Descent reserves the right to modify or discontinue any part of the service
at any time with or without notification.

2. Information provided by the customer to commence research

The customer must provide enough information to make the research project viable.

Customers must be specific in their requests and not vague or misleading in any way.

Results may vary depending on the quality of the information provided to us, the
availability of resources, and the condition of any existing resources used in the research

We will not accept any liability where a family line cannot be identified or is identified
incorrectly due to erroneous, false, vague or misleading information provided to us by
the customer.

Where research contains errors that are the responsibility of the customer, i.e., where
the customer has provided erroneous, false, vague or misleading information to the
researcher to commence work, a refund will not normally be offered.  If Your Scottish
Descent decides to issue a refund then reasonable expenses incurred during the research
will be deducted from the original cost, this can include but is not limited to the costs of
consulting birth, marriage, death and census data, transport costs, researchers fees, etc.

3. Delivery Time

The time to delivery will differ from order to order based on the nature of the service
provided. Customers can usually expect to receive their order between 2 and 4 weeks
from the date of purchase however from time to time this could take longer dependent on
what service the customer has purchased. If, for example, the customer has chosen the
Saltire package the time to delivery could take longer than 30 days due to the nature of
the extensive research required. The time frame for special services, such as the Tailored
Package, will largely depend on what is agreed between the parties to the contract. We
will keep customers informed of any delays or disruptions.

Research will be sent using a standard postal delivery service at no extra cost to the
customer whether or not the research is being delivered domestically or internationally
where it is reasonable or practical to do so.  In some cases the customer might have to
pay for the postage costs if they live in a location where delivery costs are unreasonable.

Customers who wish to specify some other type of delivery service, such as an express
delivery service, a signed-for service, or any other non-standard service will have to pay
for the postage under these circumstances.

4. Forces outside of our control

All research is carried out to a high standard, however, from time to time forces outside
of our control may cause disruption or delays to orders. We accept no liability for forces
outside of our own control such as (i.e., problems with library computer systems, strikes,
bad weather, postal problems, etc.) but, if possible, we will strive to work around such
problems and will at all times keep the customer informed about any problems or delays.

5. Cancellations

The customer will have a seven-day window from the time of purchase to cancel their
order. Any cancellations must be received in writing during the seven-day period. A full
refund will be issued to the customer where the cancellation was made during this period
and before any work has commenced.

Similarly Your Scottish Descent reserves the right to cancel any orders made. In the
unlikely event that this were to occur a full refund will be issued to the customer
concerned. Any loss caused due to an adjustment of the exchange rate will be borne by
the customer and not Your Scottish Descent.

6. Geographical scope of research

All research is carried out with the understanding that the events to be investigated will
have occurred in Scotland. We will investigate thoroughly, according to the package
selected or the agreement made, in order to provide the customer with a detailed report
according to their needs as far as is reasonably possible.

From time to time we may agree to continue research outside of Scotland but within the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland upon discussion with the
customer and after agreement of any additional fees to be paid.

7. Payment

We accept t
hree methods of payment, cheques, credit/debit card & bank transfer.  If
paying by cheque, work shall commence upon the successful clearance of the funds.

Payments made using a credit or debit card are processed through the PayPal secure
payment gateway. All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

All prices are quotes in British pounds (Sterling). Customers who are paying in another
currency should be sure that they convert their currency into Pounds Sterling.

8. Customer Service

In the event of a query or complaint please get in touch using the contact us page.

9. Law governing the contract

Sales on this web site are governed by Scottish law and you agree to submit any dispute
to the jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.

10. Privacy

All personal information will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act
1998 and subsequent legislation in force at the time.

We may hold Personal Information about you such as your name, address, telephone
number, e-mail address, product or service purchased, transaction information (though
do not hold any of your credit/debit card details), billing and delivery address details,
that are used to process your order and for our own record keeping.

We will
never divulge your information to any third parties for marketing purposes.

11. Copyright.

This website, its design, positioning, text, slogans, images, and the Your Scottish Descent
name and logo are the copyright of Robert Edwards at Your Scottish Descent, the author
who created them for the purpose of use in the course of business.  Unauthorised use or
reproduction is prohibited.  The 'booksDetailRed' image, found below the page heading of
this particular page, is the intellectual property of another legal person.

All and any work carried out by us is provided on the understanding that it is for your
own personal and private use and that you will not publish or reproduce extracts
without our permission or the permission of any other relevant copyright holders where
this is applicable.

If you intend to use any research that we provide for commercial purposes then please
get in touch with us to discuss this.  We are happy to carry out such work but certain
arrangements have to be made in advance in relation to commercial work.

12. Links.

Your Scottish Descent may provide links to the websites of third parties.  We accept no
responsibility for the content, products and services on offer on these sites.  Third Party
websites will have their own terms and conditions, practices and procedures and as such
we can make no assurances about them.
Terms & Conditions
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“Dear Robert, The
report has arrived
safe and sound!  
What fascinating
reading it is!  I am
sure my brother will
be thrilled to find out
so much about our
history.  Thank you
so much for a
wonderful report.”

Ms Conradie,
South Africa