Tailored Package - Sometimes you might have a request that does not fit in with
any of the four packages offered above. If you have something different in mind
then please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the
contact us page and we will
discuss your needs and agree a package that is tailored to suit your requirements.

Single event search - If you are interested in one single genealogical event, for
example, you might want to know about one birth, marriage, death, or census
event, then we can search for you. Once found a transcript will be sent to you via e-
mail or post.
 Please contact us for further details and prices.

Photography - If you have somewhere special in Scotland that you like to see then
why not use our photography service.  Please  
contact us  with any photography
questions as prices will need to be agreed in advance to account for travel, postage
and other costs.

Burial Search - If you would like to discover where or when your ancestor was
buried then we might be able to help.  We can search for your ancestors final
resting place and if found we can pay a visit to the site and take some photographs
which we would send to you electronically.  Please
contact us for more information.
Our Services and Fees
Discovery Package - Basic Research.
A concise report exploring one distinct branch of your Scottish family
tree, compiled from selected key birth, marriage, death and census
records.  This package examines one branch, not an entire side of your
family, so it is more limited than the Thistle Package.  We would
concentrate on all of your ancestors who share a certain surname.

Price: £100                               Contact Us

Thistle Package - One side of your family.
We will carry out research into one side of your family tree AS FAR BACK
.  You will receive a report containing
genealogical research into each of your direct descendants taken from
birth, marriage, death and census records, complete with an overall
family tree. (One side means either your paternal or maternal side)

Price: £250                              Contact Us

Tartan Package - Both sides of your family.
We will carry out research into your ENTIRE Scottish family history,
starting with your own birth or the birth of your parents, going
.  You will receive a more detailed
report containing extensive research into each of your direct
descendants taken from birth, marriage, death and census records,
complete with an overall family tree.

Price: £350                              Contact Us

Saltire Package - Premium research.
This package will provide you with one of the most detailed and complete
accounts of your Scottish ancestry.  We will investigate
as far back in time as possible, and it doesn't
end there!  What makes this package different from the Tartan Package
is that as well as consulting standard genealogical sources (birth,
marriage, death, & census records) we will roll up our sleeves and seek
out those harder to find records.   Typically we can provide you with
details from sources such as statistical accounts, directories, maps, poor
law records, and sometimes even relevant newspaper stories, etc., that
help to bring you closer to your Scottish ancestors.  So what are you
waiting for?  Get in touch now!  

Price: £495                              Contact Us
Please contact us with any questions that you might have about our
services or payment methods.  We are always happy to answer your
We offer customers four main research options in the search for their Scottish
ancestors as well as some extra services:
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Credit/Debit Card - You can use the "Buy Now" buttons to pay for your chosen
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Fees and Payment
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professional work done
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understand, lastly good
value for money!”

Mr J. Titman,
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