When we talk about family history we are thinking back beyond the visible horizon of
living memory. We are contemplating those countless individuals who came before us
and who, whether we know it or not, helped to fashion us into who and what we are
today. Researching ones family history has become increasingly popular in recent years
as people begin to look beyond living memory trying to find some connection with this
hidden past.

The Scottish people have over the ages spread across the world, settling thousands of
miles away from their small but cherished homeland. Many tens of millions of people
worldwide can claim some descent from this bold and adventurous people who bravely
crossed the oceans to begin a new life in their own ‘Promised Land’.

Scotland is renowned for the quality and quantity of her
written records that in some cases survive from the 16th
century. Scotland, unlike many other parts of the world,
has been more or less settled for some centuries and as a
result many different types of records have survived the
ravages of time.

If you have any Scottish ancestors then there is every
chance that you could find out all sorts of fascinating
facts about them from state and church records. You
might be able to prove or disprove that long-standing
family legend that has captured your imagination ever
since you were a child.

There are many people who are interested in their family
history but who are not able to undertake a lengthy
genealogical investigation. It may be that you are far
too busy to dedicate enough time to family history
research or it might be that you live too far from Scotland to carry out extensive
research. Regardless of the reason, if you would like to be brought closer to your Scottish
roots then have a look at
our services.

We offer a professional Scottish family history research service designed with the
customer in mind.  We can bring you closer to your Scottish ancestry and help to connect
you to the land of your ancestors.

If you are thinking about travelling to Scotland to try and discover your family tree
then consider this, why travel thousands of miles to Scotland to spend most of your time
locked up in libraries and archives and maybe even leave with nothing?  Let us do the
hard part for you so that you can make any future trip to Scotland the most special
experience of your life.  You could find yourself walking through the same streets as your
Scots ancestors once did or you could even visit the places where their remains rest.  So
what are you waiting for?  Have a look at
what we offer.
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I can't believe the
amount of
information you
managed to put into
the report...I was so
surprised and even
more impressed with
what I received in the
mail.  I'd like to thank
you personally for
adding so much
extra detail that I
didn't expect was
part of the package.

Mr R. McKenzie
New York
A characterisation of a
Highlander from the
Victorian era.
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The Southern Necropolis in Glasgow.
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