Your Scottish Descent
Have you ever wanted to build a complete picture of your Scottish family tree
but you do not have the time?

Have you ever wanted to know who your Scottish ancestors were but did not
know where to start?

Have you ever wanted to see the places where they once lived, worked and died
but you live too far away?

Then let us do the work for you.
What We Do

We offer customers the chance to gain a unique
insight into their Scottish family history without any
of the associated hassle.  You will not need to spend
all day in a musty library fighting over those all
important microfiche machines with hardened
family history veterans.  You will not even need to
step outside of your front door! While you are busy
at the office or relaxing at home and enjoying life,
we will be out working hard to build a complete
picture of your Scottish family tree.  Are you
interested? Then read on.

We carry out genealogical and historical research in
Scotland so that we can provide you with something
special and enduring.  We can trace your Scottish
family tree across the whole of the country, from
the lowlands to the highlands, and on the odd
occasion we can go further afield in tracing your
Scottish roots.
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Additional Options
'Scotland's Professional Family History Detectives'
Scotland's Leading Family History Researchers
Our primary concern is to help give you and your
family a deeper understanding of your Scottish
ancestry that will cast some light on your ancestors
lives, or, perhaps, answer some lingering family
mystery, either way you and your family will receive a
valuable record that you can pass down through the
ages.  We will not waste your time trying to sell you
fancy side products such as ring binders, microfilm,
genealogy books, magazines or subscriptions that are
of no real interest to you.

We put a great deal of care and attention into our
work and we will never provide you with substandard
family history research or worse still, another persons
family history. We are committed to providing you
with the best quality Scottish family history research
service and the best quality end product.

To get a better idea of the kind of work that we do and
the costs involved please see our
Services page.


“Hello Robert...the
report has
arrived. It is
brilliant, thank you.  
It is very concise
and well laid out
and as for the
excellent. Thank
you for doing such
a good job it is

Mr McIntyre
Cathcart Old Parish Church in
Glasgow.  Copyright © Your
Scottish Descent 2007-19.
Mary McCallum c.1939
Copyright © Your
Scottish Descent 2007-19.