Getting Started
In order to commence any research on your behalf we need some information from you
that will form the starting point of our research.  Depending upon what information you
seek we are likely to need a full name, a date (exact or approximate), and a place of birth
to get started.  Any other information is always helpful. Once we are sure that we have
the correct information we will commence work on your research.

For example, if you want to know about your fathers side of the family we would need his
full name and his exact or rough date and place of birth, however, it might be that it was
his parents that were born in Scotland in which case we would need the date and location
of his parents marriage, or, if possible, their dates of birth. From this we should be able to
work our way back into the 18th century and depending on the condition of the records
or migration patterns of your ancestors we should be able to go back even further.

John Hume Robertson, born 4th June 1874, at Glasgow. Parents: John Agnew
Robertson and Helen Smith married at Glasgow on 24th September 1873.

If you are concerned that you do not have enough information then please do not
hesitate to get in touch with us using the
contact us page and we will discuss the matter
with you. We will assess whether or not it would be possible to make a connection before
commencing any research.

Once you have sent us enough details about the person whose ancestry you wish to
explore we will carry out a
free preliminary search to assess whether or not the research
is viable. We will search the records and establish whether or not we can find anything
to work with.  After a short period of time we will email you to  inform you about the
results of the search. If we can find the person in the records we can commence work to
build your family tree after payment is received.

We use an extensive range of sources in researching your family history however
customers should generally expect to receive information from the following records:

       Birth Records
        1855 - Present

   Marriage Records
        1855 - Present

      Death Records
        1855 - Present

  Census Records
         1841 - 1901

Old Parish Registers
         1553 - 1854

In Scotland, birth, marriage and death events have
been recorded since 1855.  From these records we can
learn when and where a person was born, who the
parents were and what they did for a living.  Before
1855 we have surprisingly complete Old Parish
Register birth, marriage and, to a lesser extent, death
records to help build your Scottish family tree, which,
on the most part, date from the early 18th century.

Detailed census records for the decades covering 1841-1901
exist that can really help to cast some light on where your
ancestors were from, who their children were, where they lived, etc.  Census records are
not released until a period of 100 years has expired to protect the identities of the living.
The next census to be released will be the 1911 census.

A wealth of important information can be garnered from these important sources that
might help to solve that old family mystery or perhaps even give rise to a new family
What we need to get started
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Mary McCallum in
Glasgow, 1939.
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Descent 2007-19.
A typical 'Back close' of a Glasgow tenement in the
1940s with a WWII air raid shelter on the left hand
side in the foreground.  Copyright Your Scottish
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“Thank you so much for
all of your hard work
and effort looking into
our family tree.  I will
treat this work like a
family heirloom and
make sure it gets
passed through the
family so that everyone
can know the trials and
tribulations faced by
our Scottish ancestors. ”

Mrs M. Clinton