Question: Can you trace living relatives in Scotland?

Answer: Yes.  This type of work is more complicated but we are happy to help you in
your search for your Scottish relatives.  The cost depends upon the extent and nature of
the research you wish to pursue.  Please
get in touch for more information.

Question: How does the research service work?

Answer: In order to get started on your Scottish family research you will need to
provide us with the relevant information relating to the ancestor of interest to you. The
minimum amount of information that is usually necessary to begin the research with
ease would be the full name with the place and date of birth in Scotland. We should then
be able to find your ancestor somewhere in the statutory documents and from this work
our way backwards from the parents to their parents and so on until nothing more can
be found. Any other useful information that you can provide will make the search easier
and might result in a few surprises here and there.

Question: What if I don’t have any exact information about either my ancestors name,
place or date of birth?  Can you still carry out a search?

Answer: Yes.  Customers can arrange for a ‘needle in a haystack’ search where they
have vague or uncertain information about the person in question. Please
contact us if
you have such a request.  This search is usually provided free of charge.

Question: What if I have a request that does not fit with any of the packages or services
that you have listed?  Can you still help me?

Answer: Yes.  We will try to accommodate as many different requests from customers as
possible.  If you have a particular request then please get in touch with us using the
contact us section of this website.

Question: I would like someone's family history researched but I am working to a
deadline (i.e., birthday or Christmas), can you help?

Answer: Yes.  We always work hard for the customer and any special requests will
always be considered.  Please get in touch with us using the
contact us section of this
website as soon as possible and we will look into whether or not it is possible to carry out
any work before the deadline.

Question: What do you get for your money?

Answer:  All customers can expect to receive a complete ancestry report that details all
of the relevant births, marriages, deaths and census* returns relating to your direct
descendants. As well as the complete report you will receive a family tree chart and
other relevant information.  *Contents can vary from package to package depending
upon whether or not you want depth of research, breadth, or both.

Question: Can you search for my ancestors burial place in Scotland?

Answer: Yes.  We are always happy to carry out such work.  Our main area of expertise
is in Glasgow and the surrounding area, however, we can carry out research further
afield if necessary.  The cost will depend on several factors, please
contact us for more
Some Helpful Questions and Answers
Question: How do I pay?

Answer:  We accept two forms of payment, cheque or credit/debit card payments.  Once
you tell us that you would like us to start work you can use the 'Buy Now' buttons in the
Services' page or we can send you an email using the PayPal 'Email Payments' feature if
you are paying by credit/debit card.  With payments made by cheque we will commence
work upon clearance of the funds.  Please get in touch with us for more details.

Question: How long will the research take?

Answer:  At Your Scottish Descent we DO NOT sacrifice the quality of research in favour
of speed of delivery.  Those organisations that concentrate on rushing out a piece of
research often results in customers getting a substandard service and an incomplete
picture of their family history.  We always dedicate ourselves to working diligently and
effectively on your behalf.  The length of research depends on the package that you have
selected and the location of the records.  If, for example, you select the
Thistle Package
then the research could be complete in around three weeks whilst the
Tartan Package
should take about one week longer.  
The Saltire Package will take several weeks due to
the extensive nature of the research.  For other packages, such as the
Tailored Package,
the time will depend upon the nature of the research to be carried out.  Once the
research is complete it will be sent to you through the post, however, you can opt to have
your family history report sent to your email account in PDF format (if available).  We
keep our customers informed and up to date with the progress of the research.

Question: Why should I choose Your Scottish Descent?

Answer:  At Your Scottish Descent everyone involved is passionate about bringing a
little piece of our nations proud history to anyone with a Scottish connection no matter
where they are in the world.  We work hard to bring you closer to your Scottish ancestors
and we never sacrifice quality in favour of rushing through your order.  You can be sure
that no corners will be cut as we put a great deal of effort into researching, transcribing
and compiling your family history report.  Our sole aim is to bring you and your family
that little bit closer to your Scottish connection.

Question: What do you mean by ‘one side’?

Answer: When we talk about ‘one side’, we are referring to either your mother’s side of
the family (maternal line) or your father’s side of the family (paternal line).  This means
that we would carry out research into either the maternal or paternal side of your
Scottish family tree, searching for all of your direct ancestors in Scotland.  So, for
example, if you wanted to find out about all of your direct ancestors through your
maternal line then you might choose the
Thistle Package.

Question: What do you mean by ‘two sides’ or ‘both sides’?

Answer: When we talk about ‘two sides’ or ‘both sides’, we are referring to both your
maternal and paternal sides of your family.  This means that we would carry out
research into your
ENTIRE Scottish family history, searching for all of your direct
Scottish ancestors.  So, for example, if you wanted to discover more about your entire
Scottish family tree then you might choose the
Tartan Package.  We would start with
either your birth, or the birth of your parents, and work backwards in time searching
for information on all of your direct Scottish ancestors.

Question: What do you mean by 'one branch'?

Answer: When we talk about ‘one branch’, we are referring to one distinct section of a
family tree.  A family tree can be said to contain many branches, so, for example, if your
surname was Campbell and you wanted to find out about all of your direct Campbell
ancestors in Scotland, but not the various branches who married into the Campbell’s,
then you might want to purchase the
Discovery Package where we could trace all of the
Campbell’s as far back in time as possible using details from selected key birth, marriage,
death and census records.

Question: How far back in time will you go with my Scottish family tree research?

Answer: We do not intimidate you by adding confusing time exclusions to our packages
unlike many others who will only research your ancestry back to a certain point in time
and then demand more money to go back any further.  In every case where you order
one of our main research packages we will use a combination of birth, marriage, death
and census records to trace your Scottish family tree as far back in time as possible until
no more records can be found, providing you with a fantastic piece of research into your
Scottish ancestry, thus, whether you are looking at one branch, one side or your entire
Scottish family tree,
Your Scottish Descent will make every effort to get as far back in
time as possible!
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Pollok House, Glasgow.  This beautiful
Georgian house was completed in
1752 for the Maxwell family.   It was gifted to
the City of Glasgow in 1966.
Copyright Your Scottish Descent 2007-19.
Lindsay House was built in 1863 on the banks of the River
Cart for David Lindsay (1817-1902) but he is said to have
disliked the old baronial style of architecture so much that he
refused to live in the house.  As a result it was turned into a
tenement block.  Copyright Your Scottish Descent 2007-19.


"I truly can't thank
you enough for all
your sleuthing,
and considerable
leg work, you really
have exceeded your
mandate, for
which I am so

Ms Devers,