About Us
About Our Business
Your Scottish Descent was formed with the sole aim of bringing people closer to their
Scottish ancestors by providing a first class research service aimed at people anywhere in
the world. We satisfy home-grown customers as well as our distant cousins scattered
across the globe, be they in America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and
other parts of the world.

We can trace your Scottish family history across the whole of Scotland from the lowlands
to the highlands.  We have carried out research for events on the Hebridean Islands of
Islay and Jura on Scotland's west coast to as far away as the Shetland Islands, the
Northernmost part of the British Isles.  No matter where your family comes from in
Scotland we can trace your Scottish family tree.

Your Scottish Descent has a small team, however, everyone involved understands the
importance of the work to the customer and aims to deliver the best quality service in as
short a time as possible.

Founder  - Robert Edwards, LLB, BA (Hons).

Our founder Robert Edwards holds an Honours degree in Business Law and a Degree in
Law. Since graduating from his first degree he has undertaken freelance research writing
on subjects ranging from the law, business and his real passion, history. Utilising the
research skills that he perfected at University and the experience that he has gained from
researching his own family history he has traced part of his family back as far as 1585.

Having undertaken genealogical research on
behalf of other people over the years Robert
decided to put this experience to good use
and help to bring our distant Scottish cousins,
wherever they are in the world, a service that
is in high demand by founding the company.

Due to his broad interest in history Robert is
familiar with many key aspects of Scotland’s
past, especially its social and architectural
history.  This knowledge combined with the
skills and strengths that he developed during
his academic years ensured that he was well
placed to offer a professional and personal

Roberts favourite period in history is the late
18th century, a time when fledging movements
for democratic reform were springing up in
Scotland in response to the French Revolution.  
One of his favourite Scottish historical
ies is Thomas Muir of Huntershill, one of the ‘Scottish Martyrs’ who were
accused of sedition and put on trial at the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh in 1793,
please see our article about
Thomas Muir to learn more.  

Scotland during the time of the Roman invasion is another period that fascinates Robert
though it wasn't called Scotland back then, no-one knows what the locals called the land
we now call Scotland, however, the Romans called it Caledonia. The climactic battle of
Mons Graupius looked like a defeat for the Celtic tribes, however, the story of the struggle
of the tribal confederation against the invading armies from the South is of particular
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Your Scottish Descent
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“I received my
family tree today,
and I am very happy
with it all, it's a lot
more than I
expected.  I feel you
have done a very
thorough job and it
surprised me how
much you found out,
more than I ever
could and I'm related
to them all. Thank
you very much.”

Ms Newland
Norfolk, England